My DIY Plumbing Experience

Moving To Arizona? Should You Install A Water Treatment System?

If you’ve recently relocated to the Grand Canyon State, you may be surprised at the relative “hardness” of the area’s water. Arizona water tends to contain more calcium and magnesium than water from other areas, and using this water straight from the tap without the aid of a water softener or conditioning system could put strain on […]

How To Install A Water Heater Recirculation Pump

If you want instant hot water in your shower, install a hot water heater recirculation pump. A hot water recirculation pump takes away the wait by reducing the distance the cold water travels with a return pipe, which saves gallons of water. You don’t need plumbing skills to install a recirculation pump. Here are some […]

Drains Giving You Trouble? 3 Steps To Clear The Odors

When it comes to your plumbing, you might be forgetting about one of the most important parts of the system. The drains in your home are responsible for transporting water and waste to your septic tank or the sewer. When those drains get clogged, all the waste can come to a virtual standstill. You can […]

5 Plumbing Extras To Add To Your New Construction Home

Most people dream of hardwood floors and fireplaces when they design a new house. Don’t forget that there are many special extras that you can do in the plumbing department that will take your house from nice to “wow.” 1. Pedal Valve Kitchen Faucet: Commercial kitchens use a pedal valve to turn on faucets. When a […]

3 Signs That A Main Sewer Line Should Be Cleaned

Does your water take a long time to completely drain out of the tub each time that you bathe? If the problem is not caused from something clogging up the drain, it might be time to invest in getting the main sewer line cleaned in case it is filled with debris. Take a look at […]

3 Items That Should Never Go Down Your Drains

Your drainage system is crucial to the operation of your home. It takes the waste water out of your home and into the drain field until you have it pumped out. Oftentimes, people think that they can throw just about anything they want down their drains. However, that isn’t the case. To make sure you […]

4 Ways To Save Money On Plumbing

Plumbing problems can be a major inconvenience since they can disrupt your daily routine, such as showering, washing your hands, and using the bathroom. On top of this, plumbing issues can cause other problems, such as water damage to your flooring, countertops, walls, and more if there is any water building up or leaking. In […]

Fix That Leaking Shower Yourself

If you’re tired of jiggling the shower handle to get it to stop dripping, it’s time to fix the problem once and for all. If you have a single-handled shower control, you can easily do the repair yourself. Here are the steps to stop that annoying dripping from your shower. Supplies You’ll Need for This […]

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