Why Your Home Could Benefit From Water Softening

Many homes suffer from having hard water, which is when the water has excessive amounts of minerals or metals, like calcium and iron. Hard water is completely safe for drinking, but can create numerous problems in your home such as a damaged washing machine or dishwasher. Thankfully, you can have a home water softening system installed that will help filter the minerals in your water and provide the following benefits.

Easier Cleaning

Hard water tends to make it difficult to clean. Dishes may have spots on them, and clothes may have spots or stains. Soft water helps the residue from soap rinse out easily, which will make your clothing and dishes be cleaner than ever before.

Soft water will also reduce the need to use a lot of detergent in both your dishwasher and washing machine. Even when it comes time to do basic household cleaning, it will be easier to clean things when you use soft water.

Appliance Protection

A huge problem with hard water is the wear and tear it puts on your appliances, as it make them very prone to a potential breakdown early in their life cycle. The good news is that a water softening system will help extend the life of a washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and any additional appliance you have that require water.

A water softening system will save money in the long run through fewer repairs and a longer time between appliance replacement.

Faster Heating Water

A hot water heater may take a long time to heat if you have hard water. It is caused by minerals found in the water, which eventually precipitate into what is known as scale. Scale makes it difficult for heat to transfer in a heating system. Simply having soft water will help increase the efficiency of your water heater, which will reduce your energy bill in the process.

Plumbing Protection

Hard water will create deposits in your plumbing over time, which can have an impact on the fixtures and water pipes in your home. Scaling encourages corrosion and can even cause clogs, which together shorten your plumbing's lifespan. Soft water removes those minerals that create scale building, and allow your home's plumbing to be more efficient over time.

With 85% of households in the U.S. having hard water, it is surprising that water softening systems are not more common. If you feel like you can benefit from having a water softener, contact a plumbing contractor like Trenchless Pipe Technologies in your area to have them install one for you.