How To Make Sure That Your Vacation Home’s Pipes Don’t Burst In The Winter

If you have a vacation home that is located in freezing temperatures in the winter months, it is worth it to take any steps that you can to avoid freezing pipes. Freezing pipes can burst, causing water damage to your home slowly throughout the winter months. Here are steps to take to prevent freezing pipes from bursting, and what to do if it's too late.

Preventative Measures

Having your vacation home's plumbing checked over before the winter season is a great preventative measure. If you have recently acquired your vacation home, there may be slow leaks or issues that you weren't even aware of. Having these fixed and upgraded while they are still small will help reinforce pipes throughout the winter. Having plumbing repair in the summer months is an easier task. Any upgrades that are needed such as replacing slow leaks or adding insulation are a good idea before bigger problems arises.

Shutting Down a Vacation Home

When closing up your home for the summer or weekend, make sure to drain off excess water and turn off the main water valve. This is the best way to ensure that pipes will not freeze and burst, since there will be no water to cause this. This works best in homes that are vacant throughout most of the winter months, and can be on your checklist of things to do before shutting down the home. If your home is used throughout the winter, try to keep pipes warm and water moving to avoid freezing.

Worst-Case Scenario

If you arrive at your vacation home to find burst pipes and water damage, calling in emergency plumbing repair is a must. You can fix the immediate problem and then deal with flood cleanup and water damage in your home. If your vacation home is in an area where most homes are vacant in winter months, the local plumber may have further advice to keep your pipes from freezing in the winter months.

Being prepared and taking precautions when it comes to burst pipes and flood damage are important for a home that is vacant some of the time. Make sure to close up your home if you leave for extensive periods of time. Having someone in the area check in on your home regularly through the winter is a good idea as well. Turn off water and gas if you can, so that your home doesn't have any issues while you are away.

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