Handicap Accessibility Features For Restroom Trailers

Those who are ordering restroom trailers for a special event should probably plan on having at least one restroom facility that's handicap accessible. A special event that's drawing in at least a moderately sized crowd is likely to include a few attendees who might have trouble using a standard restroom because of disabilities or handicaps. 

When aiming for handicap accessibility, it's important to look out for restroom trailer units that have ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approval. The following features are typically available in an ADA approved portable restroom or restroom trailer:

Wide turning radius

An ADA approved restroom trailer unit needs to be wider than a standard unit to allow enough room for a wheelchair to turn around on the interior. The extra space can also assist those using a walker or handicap individuals who need extra space to be accompanied by an assistant. 

Flat non-slip floor surfaces

Flat floor surfaces also help those who are wheelchair bound to access a restroom. Not only should floor surfaces be flat in a handicap accessible unit, but there should also be a smooth, flat entryway into the restroom. Non-slip floor surfaces prevent restroom users who have trouble walking from slip and fall hazards.


A ramp system is a requirement for ADA approval. A ramp allows wheelchairs access to the bathroom and makes it so that those with mobility issues do not have to traverse steps or other obstacles to enter into the restroom. 

Self-closing and self-locking door

Individuals with hand dexterity issues might have trouble closing or locking a standard restroom door. A unit designed to assist handicap individuals should have a door that can be closed, locked, and opened with minimal effort.  


ADA approved portable restroom units must have handrails that help handicap individuals to support themselves when using the toilet.

Easy flush feature

An ADA approved unit should feature a flushing mechanism that can be operated with minimal effort. Generally, an ADA approved unit will either feature automatic or push-button flushing. 

Accessible paper towel and toilet paper dispensers

Handicap individuals with hand dexterity issues might have trouble operating a standard paper towel or toilet paper dispenser. An ADA compliant paper towel dispenser could operate automatically through a motion sensor.

In addition to the operation mechanisms of paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, the location of these devices also must be planned with handicap accessibility in mind. Dispensers should be located at an appropriate height so that all individuals can reach them without straining themselves.