No Cool Air From An Air Conditioner: Why A Blower & Evaporator Coil Might Be The Problem

Did you turn on the air conditioning system only to find out that no cool air is coming out of the vents? You may have a problem with the blower or evaporator coil, which can be repaired in no time by an air conditioning service and repair specialist. Find out why an air conditioning blower and evaporator coil is important for cooling your home, as well as how a specialist can make repairs when they malfunction.

What Makes a Blower & Evaporator Coil Vital Parts of an Air Conditioner?

The blower to your air conditioning system is actually the most vital part of it. The reason is due to the blower having the responsibly of sending air into the ventilation system. The blower will simply send air with an amount of pressure that is based on the temperature you are trying to achieve. For instance, setting the thermostat on low will lead to less air being sent into the ventilation system than when set on high.

The evaporator coil is just as important as the blower because it is how warm air coming from the blower will be cooled down. What happens once warm air enters the evaporator coil is that the air touches the metal of the coil. The metal of the coil is cold enough to transform warm air into cool air. It is the system coolant that turns the metal coil cold. The coolant is transformed from a liquid to gas in the evaporator coil.

How Can a Malfunctioning Air Conditioner Blower & Evaporator Coil Be Repaired?

Air conditioner blowers sometimes malfunction because the motor has accumulated a lot of dirt. A specialist will access the blower motor and remove the dirt to bring it back to working order. If the blower motor cannot be repaired, a specialist will be able to replace it for you.

Evaporator coils can also malfunction when they get too dirty. Dirt is not good for the metal because it prevents warm air from touching it and cooling down. Mouse droppings and mold can also interfere with how well an evaporator coil is able to cool warm air. All it takes is a professional cleaning by a specialist to get rid of the problem, unless you simply need a new coil due to normal wear and tear.

Don't force yourself to live in a home that is hot because the air conditioner does not work well. Allow a specialist to make the needed repairs so you can feel cool and relaxed!