How To Install A Showerhead With A Hand Shower To Existing Plumbing

In need of a new shower-head? Consider a shower-head with a hand shower, which features a handheld head that allows you to better wash more areas of your body. The hand shower might look substantially different than a traditional shower head, but installation should prove a snap for even those new to performing their own plumbing services.

Note that this project involves attaching the new head onto the existing shower-arm – or that piece that sticks out of the wall at the base of the head. Not every shower-arm is compatible with a hand shower so you will want to take a picture of the arm with you to the hardware store to ask if you have any compatibility issues.

Things You Need:

  • Clean washcloth
  • Pliers
  • Hand shower assembly
  • Plumber's tape

Step 1: Remove the Old Shower-head

Removing the old shower-head is simple and only requires a couple twists of pliers. If you want to save the shower-head for future use, place a clean washcloth around the head before using the pliers to protect the surface from any scratching.

Locate the mount ring between the shower arm and the end of the existing shower-head. Wrap the washrag around that ring and use pliers to firmly twist it a couple of times until it is loose enough to pull off. Set aside or discard the pieces of the original shower-head.

Step 2: Install the Hand Shower Mounting Bracket

Locate the mounting bracket inside the box of the hand shower assembly. Not sure which is the mounting bracket? Consult the instructions where you should find diagrams labeling each of the pieces.

Check to see if there's a rubber washer built into the end that is meant to screw onto the existing shower-arm. If there is a washer, you won't need to use plumber's tape. If there isn't a washer, simply wrap the shower-arm's grooved end with the tape until it is completely covered. This ensures the pieces lock together well to prevent leaking.

Twist the large end of the mounting bracket onto the shower-arm. You should be able to do this by hand without the assistance of pliers, but you can finish the twisting with a couple of pliers turns if you don't feel it's on tight enough.

Step 3: install the Rest of the Hand Shower

Find the hose in the hand shower assembly box. Locate the nub sticking down from the mounting bracket where the hose needs to connect. Twist the hose end with the nut onto that connection point. Again, hand tightening should be sufficient and if there isn't a rubber washer inside, use plumber's tape on the connection grooves first.

Twist the shower-head portion of the hand shower onto the open end of the hose and hand tighten. Slide the handled end of the hand shower into its cradle located on the mounting bracket.

Test your connections by turning the shower on. Watch for any leaks and make sure the water pressure hasn't changed significantly. To learn more, contact a company like Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services with any questions or concerns you have.