Think Your Heating System Is Malfunctioning? Think Again!

If you set your thermostat at a particular temperature, but notice that the heat level in your home fails to rise to the occasion, you may believe that it's time to have your heater repaired or replaced.  While this is certainly true in some cases, you may want to seek out other causes before shelling out major bucks for a new heating system.  Your problem may be the result of other issues which you can address so that you can preserve your heater.  The next time you notice that your home is improperly heated, take the following steps and see if they rectify the problem.

Insulate Your Attic

A major cause of inadequate heating occurs in homes where the attic does not have a sufficient amount of insulation.  The old adage "heat rises" is certainly true, and it definitely applies to edifices that happen to have attics where there is little to no padding.

When the heat in your home rises to the attic, it can radiate through your roof if the attic has poor insulation.  In addition, cold, outdoor air is easily able to seep indoors in homes with bad attic insulation, making your heating system work that much harder in order to maintain a steady indoor temperature.

The best way to rectify this problem is to bring in a professional who can properly insulate your attic.  You may be amazed to find that your heater is then able to keep your indoor air at the temperature that you set on your thermostat without the need for costly repairs.

Waterproof Your Basement

Another culprit behind a poorly heated home lies at its bottom:  the basement.  The basement of your home is a hotbed for things that can throw off the temperature that you are trying to create within your home, whether it be due to standing water that draws in excessive moisture, or cracks and holes in the foundation that let in cold air.

Waterproofing your basement seals off these minuscule holes and cracks so that less outdoor air is allowed into your home.  Not only will this go a long way toward releasing your heater from an undue workload, it can also be a huge safety measure that helps you avoid a serious foundation issue.

Sometimes the best way to resolve a problem is to approach it indirectly, and this is especially true as it pertains to your heating system.  When you experience a heating malfunction, implement these methods so you can determine where the true root of the problem lies. If none of these improvements make a difference, it's time to call a company like Kook & Son Inc for a professional assessment of your heating system.