What Do I Do With Portable Toilet Waste?

If you are using a portable toilet for a special event, make sure that you dispose of the human waste in the proper manner. If you do not correctly dispose of human waste, you could be fined thousands of dollars given the cost of cleaning up the waste. This is especially true after a large event.

Knowing When to Clean the Toilet

You will need to clean the toilet when you notice that the waste reservoir has filled up. By pulling the T-handle, you can observe how much the toilet has filled up with human waste. Also, if you do not intend to use the toilet for a few days, you will want to dispose of any human waste still inside. Then, the toilet should be left empty and open until it is ready to be put to use again.

Sanitizing the Toilet

Before you begin cleaning the toilet, put on a pair of rubber gloves. You will need to sanitize the toilet to make it safe for continued use. Also, the more sanitary the toilet, the more likely that people are to use it and refrain from defecating elsewhere. Make sure to purchase a gelling agent designed to sanitize portable toilets. These sanitizers are environmentally friendly. Also, make sure to use a disinfectant on the toilet seat. Toilet deodorant will also make the toilet smell better and will further increase the likelihood that others will use it.

Removing and Disposing of the Waste

The waste needs to be placed in a bag, container or be transported within the waste reservoir. The waste either needs to be taken to an authorized RV dump station or a vault toilet where the waste can be disposed of properly. You can simply carry the waste reservoir and do not need to bring the entire toilet.

Chemical toilets need to be emptied differently than other toilets. You must separate both the top and bottom sections of the toilet. The toilet will have a round cap at the back that you can unscrew to make it possible to empty out the toilet. Check the T-handle to make sure that it is pushed in so that the toilet is secured close.

You can carry the entire toilet or two separated sections of the toilet to an RV dumping ground. Another option is to simply dump the contents of the toilet into a conventional toilet so you can simply flush the contents down. You can get more information about having portable toilets at your event from a company like Walters Portable Toilets.