Tips For Helping Your Heater Keep Your Home Warm

When it gets cold outside you want to find ways to help hold the heat in your home. Your heater is a great asset, but you don't want to use it more than you have to if you can avoid it. Along with saving your heater from doing extra work, finding other ways to keep your home warm will also cut down on your energy expenses. The tips in this article will help you to keep warmer with less wear and tear on your heater.

Invest in thicker curtains – Your windows can work against you when it comes to preserving the heat in your home. They can allow cold air to come in and the heat to escape. By putting up thick curtains, you will provide the windows with more insulation to hold the heat in your house.

Tint your windows – Along with getting thicker curtains, you should get tint put on your windows. The tint also helps to insulate the windows to prevent heat from seeping out and the cold air from outside from coming in. This tint will also help you to keep the house cooler in the summer.

Get a chimney balloon – If you aren't going to be using your fireplace to help heat the house, then a lot of the warm air can go right out the chimney. A chimney balloon fits in your chimney and seals it off so the heat can't escape.

Don't block the registers – If you have registers on the floor, make sure you don't put any furniture on or in front of them. This will block the flow of heat, making it harder to evenly heat your home.

Open the curtains – When the sun is shining on your windows, open the curtains to let the heat penetrate in. If there are a few hours of the day where it is warm, open the windows and turn off the heat. However, make sure you shut the windows and curtains as soon as it starts to cool off.

Put rugs on hard flooring – Putting rugs on your hard floors will help to absorb some of the heat and keep it in the room. In this same respect, you want to remove rugs from the floors to help keep the house cool when it's hot out.

Have your heater serviced – You should have an HVAC technician come out in the beginning of the season to service your heater. This will ensure it is in good working order and proper maintenance has been provided.  For more information, go to