A Couple Of Plumbing Issues Your Home Will Likely Encounter At Some Point

When your home encounters a plumbing problem, it can represent a major problem for you because these issues can quickly cause extensive damages and disruptions. There is a strong chance that you may not fully understand what is needed to address these problems when they arise, and this can cause you to feel a sense of intense stress when your home encounters the unavoidable plumbing issue. By understanding more about some common plumbing malfunctions, you will be in a better position to minimize the problems these issues cause for your home. 

Why Is The Toilet Taking Longer To Fill With Water?

It is a relatively common problem for the toilet to start taking far longer than normal to fill with water after being flushed. This is most often a sign of a blockage in the supply line to the toilet. Minerals are able to accumulate on the interior of these lines, and they can constrict the flow of water until it is eventually stopped. 

When this problem strikes your toilet, the easiest solution will be to change the primary supply running from the floor or wall to your toilet. Before doing this, you will need to turn the knob that supplies water to the off position to prevent a flood. If you are unsure of the size of pipe that your toilet needs, simply take your current one to the hardware store, and they should be able to provide you with a matching one. 

What Is Causing The Bath To Fill With Water From The Washing Machine?

Another routine problem is the bathtub filling with water whenever you use the washing machine. Unfortunately, this is an indication that your primary sewer line has developed a severe clog. While you may be able to free this clog using chemical additives and a plunger, this may not always prove effective. 

Luckily, this does not always mean that your yard must be excavated to repair this issue. Most modern plumbers are able to use a tiny camera to inspect the sewer line until the problem is discovered. In most cases, the line can be freed with a plumber's snake, but if the clog is due to roots entering the pipe, excavation may be the only option. 

Understanding some of the more common plumbing issues that your home can encounter will help you to minimize the disruptive effects these issues may cause you and your family. Contact a plumber from a business like Absolutely Clear Sewers & Plumbing Service if you have specific questions about plumbing issues or need repairs done.