Basic Boiler Maintenance You Need To Know

A boiler is a very efficient way to keep your home feeling warm. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not familiar with a boiler and the maintenance that is required of it. This may cause them to ignore basic maintenance that would prevent the boiler from needing professional repairs. A boiler can seem very complex, but it is easy for the average person to keep it running well by following these tips:

Assess Your Ventilation Pipes

Ventilation pipes are crucial for the boiler to properly function. If the vent pipes are damaged or blocked, it can cause a problem. For example, a vent that is clogged won't allow any heat to leave the boiler, causing the heat to become trapped. The internal sensors will believe that the boiler is already hot, even though it is not, and the boiler will prematurely cool off. Inspect the ventilation pipes to make sure that there is not any debris in them that could be blocking the vent.

Oil Your Circulator Pump

If the boiler is older, it most likely uses a circulator pump. This part will require lubrication for it to work properly. Look for the ports on your boiler that are designated for oiling, which should be near the unit's base and close to the opening that leads to all the internal components. You can use a lithium based oil for lubricating these ports once every couple months, and it will help the boiler run smoothly.

Ensure Your Flue Damper Is Working

The boiler's flue acts as a pipeline, running from an exit point such as the roof all the way to the boiler itself. Any steam or combustible gases inside your boiler will pass through the flue to relieve any pressure in the system. The damper will automatically open when there is pressure building inside the flue, allowing the steam or gases to escape to the outside. When your damper is broken, heat and pressure will build up inside the flue. This will be a huge fire hazard. You can test the flue by moving it manually, since it should flow freely from light pressure from your hand.

Performing this kind of maintenance will only go so far in protecting your boiler. When the boiler does break down, be prepared to call a professional that specializes in boiler repair. They can repair the major issue that is preventing it from operating and perform an inspection to look for other potential issues. Contact a company like Aumenta Plumbing & Heating Co. for more information.