Dealing With A Clogged Urinal

If you own your own a restaurant or tavern, you know the importance in having working restroom equipment for your patrons. Routine bathroom maintenance needs to be done to ensure your customers have a place to relieve themselves when needed. You may find in this type of establishment, that a urinal becomes clogged due to excessive usage. Here are some tips to use to get the urinal unclogged so it can once again be used by your customers.

Check The Pressure First

Before diving down into the urinal's piping system, take a look at the water pressure to make sure it is adequate. Someone may have tampered with the pressure valve, making the liquid waste pool in the basin if there is not enough force being emitted to push it down the drain. This valve is located near the bottom of the urinal. Turn it to the left to increase the water pressure. Try flushing the urinal and observe whether the water will push the liquid down or if it adds to what is in the basin. If increasing the pressure isn't enough to remove the waste, you will need to work at unclogging the drain pipe instead.

Work At Dislodging The Obstruction

Turn the water off when working on the urinal to minimize the chance of a leak. Use an auger to dislodge any obstruction in the piping. This works much like a plumber's snake, only on a larger level. Remove the urinal drain and place the tip of the metal dislodging equipment inside. Unwind this metal portion of the auger so it snakes its way through the piping system. Wind the auger back up and turn the water back on to see if you have removed the obstruction in the process.

Call In Professional Help

If an auger does not do the trick in removing the obstruction, enlist help from a plumber. They will have commercial-grade chemicals that will help disintegrate any crystallized urine in the pipes, allowing liquid to pass through easily once again. Doing this on your own is risky as chemicals can ruin the piping if the wrong type is selected. A plumber (like those at Backlund Plumbing) would know best which would have the desired results. If chemical means are not enough, they can use a hydro-jetting process instead. This is the act of using high-pressurized water to push any debris off the interior of the pipes. The result leaves the drain pipes in an almost new condition. This process is the best way at ensuring the urinal will drain properly.