Three Tips To Help You Identify Problems With Your Septic Drain Field

Your home may rely on a septic system if you do not have local sewer services. If you do rely on a septic system for waste treatment, it is something that needs regular maintenance to ensure your plumbing systems are functioning properly. Problems can be with the tank and the drain field of your septic system. Here are some tips to help you identify drain field problems:

1. Strong Smells Outside Your Home Near The System

Outside of your home, strong odors can be a sign of a serious problem. This can mean that solids are getting into the drain field or that a line has collapsed. There are a few things that may be done to correct the problem. If the line is just clogged, they can be jetted and cleaned to remove any clogs. When having this done, the problem causing the clogs will need to be addressed. If the lines are collapsed, sometimes an aerating process can restore them, but in most cases you will need to have the damaged lines replaced.

2. Slow Drains And Other Plumbing Problems In Your Home

Slow drains in your home can be another sign of a serious septic system problem. This can be caused by the drain field backing up and the tank becoming full. Some signs can be things like toilets flushing slowly and drains backing up. To fix this problem, the tank will need to be pumped and issues with the drain field repaired. If you notice slow plumbing drains, this is one of the first signs that you may have a serious septic system problem.

3. Soggy Lawn Where It Should Be Dry, Near Septic Lines

Outside of your home, there may be moist, soggy areas of your lawn where a drain field is failing. This is caused by clogs, collapsed lines and tanks overflowing. To repair this problem, the tank will need to be pumped and the lines repaired. If you notice wet areas of your lawn on a hot dry day, you may want to contact a septic service to inspect the problem. It is also a good idea to know where the components of your septic system are, so you can easily identify these types of problems and have them repaired.

These are some tips to help you identify drain field problems with your septic system. If you think your system needs maintenance, contact a septic service like Tyler Contracting Co to have them inspect all the components to ensure your waste treatment system is functioning properly.