Water Heater Installation: How To Make Sure You Have The Correct Size And Type Of Water Heater

If you discover that you need a new water heater, and you want to install it yourself, there are a few things you need to take note of first. These details could save you a lot of time and money. If you follow these tips closely, you can install your own water heater and save yourself the installation fees charged by most professionals.

Know the Size of Water Heater You Need Before You Purchase Your New One

Most people do not realize that traditional water heaters come in at least four different sizes.

The usual sizes are:

  • Wide and short
  • Wide and tall
  • Narrow and short
  • Narrow and Tall

Each water heater is a combination of one height size and one width or gallon size. Before you head out the to store to pick up your new water heater, read the label on your old water heater. It will tell you exactly the size of water heater you need. If the water heater is so old that there is no label to be found or the label is unreadable, measure the top of the water heater to the very bottom, including any pedestal or pedestal feet that your current water heater has. Then measure the girth of the water heater-this should help the sales associate at the store determine the gallon size and/or width of the water heater you need.

Gallon Sizes

You also should consider gallon size. The gallon capacity in a water heater is the amount of water the heater can hold and keep warm at the same time. If you are not home often enough, or if you are the only one residing in your home, you may be able to buy a water heater with lesser gallon capacity. Making this switch will make your water heating needs more efficient, thus saving you more money in the process.

Know What Type of Water Heater You Need: Gas or Electric

You can shorten the time between the moment you purchase your new water heater and completing its installation by checking out what type of energy your current water heater utilizes. An electric water heater has entirely different fuel connections than a gas water heater does, and if you buy the wrong type of water heater, you will have to truck it all the way back to the store and buy a new one. (It is that, or you will have to hire plumbers to make a complete conversion from electric to gas or gas to electric, and that is far more expensive.) Additionally, if you need a gas water heater, make sure you know what kind of gas-- natural gas or propane.

If you don't feel up the task, contact Chambliss Plumbing Company or other qualified water heater installers locally.