3 Seemingly Simple Plumbing Tasks You Should Leave To The Pros

When you have small plumbing issues in your home, you may think you can tackle them on your own. From slow-moving drains to replacing pipe fittings, here are 3 seemingly simple plumbing tasks you should call a plumber to perform for you.

Slow-moving drains

A slow-moving drain can be a sign of many kinds of plumbing issues, from a root in your yard pinching a main line to debris clogged deep within your pipes that homemade cleaning solutions or store-bought varieties can't break up. Tackling this issue on your own can temporarily make your drains work well again, but a larger problem will creep up again and repeat the slow-moving drainage again over time. A plumber will use a snake with a lighted end to diagnose what is causing your drainage issue and then repair the damage for you so you can have quick-moving drains again.

Draining your water heater

As a general rule, you should have your water heater drained once a year. Doing so helps remove the mineral and water buildup that can can erode your appliance over time and cause it to work harder to heat your water. This is a process that you can trust your plumber to do for you, and while they're at it, they can check your thermostat and other parts of your water heater to make sure everything is working as it should.

Changing pipe fittings

If you are upgrading your pipe fittings or replacing them because they are cracked or allowing water to pass by, you should hire a plumber to do the work. Some fittings, such as poly pipe to galvanized steel, for example, can be tricky to accomplish without a gluing agent to adhere the two separate materials together. A plumber will use their expertise to decide what kind of pipe fittings will work best for the longest-lasting results.

If you are upgrading your copper piping to more modern styles, this is also something you want your plumber to address rather than tackling on your own. They can ensure all pipes are the right size and fitted well so you can have upgraded plumbing without leakage or pressure buildup.

A plumber can fix many plumbing issues in your home, and they should be called for the simple tasks that you believe you can do on your own. Doing so is a wise investment, and can help preserve the plumbing in your home for many more years to come. Contact a company like Walt's Plumbing for more information or assistance.