Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Home inspections are often thought of as homebuyer tools, not seller tools. This is because it is normal for most homebuyers – and many mortgage lenders – to insist upon a home inspection before the sale is final. This can make the inspection a nervous time for the seller. The following tips can help you survive the inspection and close the deal on your home. Tip #1: Begin With the Roof Read More 

3 Reasons Why A Flushable Product Might Not Be As Safe As It Sounds

Plenty of products advertise that they're flushable; cleaning wipes, tampons, and even certain brands of kitty litter promise that you can flush their products safely. However, these promises aren't actually verified by any kind of federal or major plumbing company, meaning that even a flushable product could still cause harm. Here are three ways that so-called flushable products could still cause problems. Older Pipes While many homes and apartment buildings have been built recently or upgraded, not all of them have been. Read More 

3 Seemingly Simple Plumbing Tasks You Should Leave To The Pros

When you have small plumbing issues in your home, you may think you can tackle them on your own. From slow-moving drains to replacing pipe fittings, here are 3 seemingly simple plumbing tasks you should call a plumber to perform for you. Slow-moving drains A slow-moving drain can be a sign of many kinds of plumbing issues, from a root in your yard pinching a main line to debris clogged deep within your pipes that homemade cleaning solutions or store-bought varieties can't break up. Read More 

Water Heater Installation: How To Make Sure You Have The Correct Size And Type Of Water Heater

If you discover that you need a new water heater, and you want to install it yourself, there are a few things you need to take note of first. These details could save you a lot of time and money. If you follow these tips closely, you can install your own water heater and save yourself the installation fees charged by most professionals. Know the Size of Water Heater You Need Before You Purchase Your New One Read More 

Three Tips To Help You Identify Problems With Your Septic Drain Field

Your home may rely on a septic system if you do not have local sewer services. If you do rely on a septic system for waste treatment, it is something that needs regular maintenance to ensure your plumbing systems are functioning properly. Problems can be with the tank and the drain field of your septic system. Here are some tips to help you identify drain field problems: 1. Strong Smells Outside Your Home Near The System Read More