Tips For Helping Your Heater Keep Your Home Warm

When it gets cold outside you want to find ways to help hold the heat in your home. Your heater is a great asset, but you don't want to use it more than you have to if you can avoid it. Along with saving your heater from doing extra work, finding other ways to keep your home warm will also cut down on your energy expenses. The tips in this article will help you to keep warmer with less wear and tear on your heater. Read More 

Four Drainage Improvements You May Need To Have Done Around Your Home

The drainage around your home is important and can affect different areas of your home such as plumbing or foundation waterproofing. The drainage of things like landscaping and foundations can go to sewer systems or drywells; sometimes these can be connected to other plumbing systems, which is where the problems begin. Water that drains against your foundation can also cause problems with static pressure that can cause leaking foundations. If you want to prevent some of these problems, here are some improvements you may want to have done: Read More 

What Do I Do With Portable Toilet Waste?

If you are using a portable toilet for a special event, make sure that you dispose of the human waste in the proper manner. If you do not correctly dispose of human waste, you could be fined thousands of dollars given the cost of cleaning up the waste. This is especially true after a large event. Knowing When to Clean the Toilet You will need to clean the toilet when you notice that the waste reservoir has filled up. Read More 

You Need a Plumbing Snake for What? Tools Every Homeowner Should Have on Hand

While some home plumbing problems do require the experience of a plumber, some repairs and issues can be dealt with by the homeowner. One of the greatest reasons homeowners call a plumber for simple troubles like a leaky faucet or a clog is because they do not have the tools necessary for getting the job done. Check out some of the tools used for most common household plumbing repairs and maintenance that every homeowner needs to keep handy. Read More 

Tips On Dealing With Sediment Buildup In Your Water Heater

One of the most damaging elements to your home's water heater can be hard water and the buildup of sediment it can create. This sediment can cause your unit to be ineffective in heating the water needed for your home. While you may be able to clean this sediment from the tank on your own, sometimes it can be a better choice to hire a business offering plumbing services instead. Read More